Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee M18 is Milwaukee’s primary performance-driven Power Tool range. The Milwaukee M18 range offers more than 200 tools making it one of the world’s most extensive cordless ranges.

At ITS we stock the majority of the Milwaukee M18 range and are always on the lookout to increase our catalogue.

Milwaukee M18 Overview

Milwaukee M18 can be split into 3 different categories. One-key, Fuel and Standard M18.

Fuel is Milwaukee's most up to date brushless range however just being brushless does not make a tool Fuel. There are 3 criteria in play when a tool is given the Fuel stamp of approval. This is explained below

Milwaukee M18 One-key is the smart tool of the future, track your tool set your speeds and so much more. We have made an article explaining One-key here

Milwaukee's M18 batteries also come in 2 (soon to be 3) configurations. There are your bog standard Red lithium batteries. They also do High Output batteries. Lastly they have their Resistant Batteries which are great in workshops where oil is prevalent. 

Why Choose Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee is one of the "BIG 3" Tool brands in the UK. It can be a hard decision to choose a brand of tools like picking your first Pokemon as a kid.

You either pick the one that looks the best and end up regretting It especially when you find out the first gym is strong vs Water. Or you take your time to research and pick the best Pokemon for the Job. That of course is Charmander. There's a reason Charizard cards are so expensive.... oh wait I'm talking about Tools. 
Milwaukee M18 is for the people who researched and really got into the nitty gritty of their job requirements. Do you need to screw bolts at the same speed? Do you need to do it 1000s of times? One-key lets you set your tool speed giving your fingers a break from constant power regulation. 
There are many reasons to go for Milwaukee M18, they have created their tools to be more niche than other brands and you will find tools in the M18 range that you didn't know existed.

In fact, we have made an article on the "TOP 10 MILWAUKEE TOOLS YOU DIDNT KNOW EXISTED"

Milwaukee M18 VS M12

You may be wondering if the Milwaukee M12 or M18 range is better. Although the M18 is the more powerful range the question is fundamentally flawed. Power isn’t everything when working in construction and trades.
Each job has a different requirement. Milwaukee M18 tools are more powerful and heavier than M12, so they are great for jobs requiring speed and efficiency. The increased power allows you to do jobs faster making the range great for tasks that will be repeated over and over. Milwaukee’s M18 Range has too many applications to list there is a tool for pretty much every job

Milwaukee M18 FUEL

Milwaukee M18 Fuel is Milwaukee’s most efficient and high-performing range of tools. Milwaukee Fuel is a Brushless range of tools packed with Redlink tech and Power state motors. If you are already using M18 Batteries they will work across M18 fuel tools.

Learn more about Milwaukee Fuel

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