Nails, Pins and Staples Finder

Helping you find the perfect fixings for you tools. Answer a series of simple questions and we'll find the perfect consumables for your nailer/staplers

Find The Nail Gun Nails & Staples You Need To Get The Job Done

Our Fixings Finder is built with simplicity and speed in mind. In 3 steps find compatible nails or staples for your nail gun or stapler.

1. Pick your Nail Gun / Stapler's Brand

2. Pick your Power Tools Model

3. Pick Gas or No Gas

A list of all the nails and staples that are compatible with your tool will be generated, grab your nails, add them to the basket, job done. No more faffing around for ages on catalogues or clunky websites!

Nail Gun Nails & Staples From All The Brands You Love

Whatever brand of Nail gun you have we have compatible nails available for one day delivery to your home, work, or job site so you can get the job done. We stock a variety of nails and staples for brands such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Paslode, Senco, Spit, Stanley, Timco, Tjep, Vaunt and more!

Our Nail Gun Nail & Staple selection includes but is not limited to, Coil Nails, Fencing Staples, Finishing Nails, Narrow Crown Staples, Pins, Staples, Framing Nails and Specialist Collated Nails. So whatever gauge or angle of nails you're looking for we have you covered!