Milwaukee M12

Milwaukee M12

Milwaukee M12 is Milwaukee’s compact and efficient Power Tool range. The Milwaukee M12 range offers more than 95 tools making it the world’s largest 12v cordless system. Here at ITS, we stock the majority of the Milwaukee M12 range.

Explore the Milwaukee M12 Power Tool Range

Specialist tools suitable for any and every job. Milwaukee's M12 range carries the same quality you'd expect from the Milwaukee Brand. From the 12v Sub-compact Rivet gun right up to the M12 Soldering iron. Milwaukee creates the tools no one else does. This gives Milwaukee M12 an advantage over its competition. That paired with the fact that their chargers are compatible with both M12 and M18 batteries mean adding M12 to your kit won't break the bank.

Milwaukee M12 VS M18 what's better?

You may be wondering if the Milwaukee M12 or M18 range is better. Although the M18 is the more powerful range the question is fundamentally flawed. Power isn’t everything when working in construction and trades. Each job has a different requirement. Milwaukee M12 tools are much smaller and lighter than M18 which means that they are easier to operate in situations where access is limited. Milwaukee’s M12 Range comes in clutch for jobs such as electricians who at times work on power lines etc.

What's the difference between Milwaukee M12 and M12 Fuel?

Although not as powerful as M18 Fuel, Milwaukee has extended its FUEL range to include M12 tools. Milwaukee M12 Fuel is a Brushless range of tools packed with Redlink tech and Power state motors offering a more efficient experience than non Fuel tools. If you are looking for a high-performance M12 tool then the Milwaukee M12 Fuel range is your best bet. 

If you would like to learn more about Milwaukee Fuel we have an article here explaining it.

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