Nail Guns

At ITS, our experts work closely with leading brands to ensure you get not only the best possible price for your new tools, but a premium level of tool that will last for many years to come.

Our range of Nail Guns and Staplers can be broken down to three groups: Finishing Nail Guns; Framing Nail Guns and Specialist Nail Guns.

Framing nail guns or nailers are the first port of call for all manner of construction jobs such as timber frame construction, floor boarding, roof battening and decking to highlight just a few jobs.

Finishing nail guns are better suited for architraves, window casing, skirting boards, stair rails and MDF fixing.

Specialist Nail Guns, are, as the name suggests, designed for more detailed and specific jobs such as for manual flooring nail guns, concrete nail guns, narrow crown staplers and powered flooring nails.

Available for next day delivery, we stock a range of industry leading brands to ensure you get the right product for the job. Brands such as Milwaukee Dewalt, Paslode, Makita Draper, Hikoki, Spit, Sealey and Tjep to name but a few.

Whether you want to have complete freedom of movement with our cordless range of nail guns or would rather the consistency of power with our corded range of nail guns, we have dozens of nail guns ready for immediate dispatch.