Framing Nailers

Framing nailers can also very often be referred to as 1st fix nailers. These are much more of a construction tool. They are very popular but are not suitable for any job where a fine finish is needed. These nailers can be heavy, and they need to be able to pack a punch in order to fire such large nails into tougher timber.

The most common applications would be timber framing assembly work, such as constructing timber stud walls, roofing, building decking bases or fencing. It's the rough and tough end of the nail gun world. Large, heavy-duty nails with significant holding power are what you can expect here, and don't expect to leave a discrete impression where the nail has been fired either, and you will know full well where this nailer has been.

Common nail sizes tend to range from around 50mm up to as much as 100mm with some models.
It's also likely you'll have a choice of nail type to suit your application, e.g. a standard "Bright Nail" for indoor applications where moisture and rust aren't a problem, all the way through to galvanised nails and even sometimes stainless steel nails for those applications where you do need to be confident rust won't be an issue down the road.
Framing Nails are normally "clipped head" and are often available with a "Ringed Shank" for extra holding power. Typically, nails will be around 2.8mm to 3.1mm in diameter.

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