Coil Nailers

Coil nailers are very much specialist professional nailers rather than allrounders. They are sometimes known as a roofing nailer. The biggest advantage coil nailers have over most other nail guns is their ability to carry more nails in the magazine. Often around 200! If you are up on a roof where you're most likely to need one of these, not having to climb back down the ladder every 2 minutes to refill your nail gun is a big advantage.

These guns also fire a more specialist type of nail. These nails generally have large round heads suitable for fixing down roofing felt or other sheet material. Coil nailers are also being used increasingly more often for fixing cement fibre boards (Hardieboard, Hardieplank).

Nails commonly range in size from around 19mm to 50mm and are also normally available in a range of materials such as galvanised, hot dipped galvanised or even stainless steel. So if rust is something you need to prevent, select the right nail for the job you're working on.

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