Brad Nailers

Brad nailers are probably the most popular type of nailer, often referred
to as either "2nd Fix" or "Finishing" nailers. These nailers fire "Brad Nails", which are heavier in gauge (Diameter) than pin nailers. Brad nails also tend to have a small head and sometimes a serrated shank. As a result, brad nails tend to have considerably more holding power than pins. Most common uses include attaching skirting boards, door trims, heavier mouldings or furniture assembly work.

You will also see both "Straight" and "Angled" versions of Brad nailers available, and it can be a bit of a head-scratcher deciding which may be best for you.

Angled nailers can get into corners far easier, which can be a huge advantage depending on the application but they can be a little more restrictive in terms of the sizes of nails they can fire (eg 32mm to 64mm). Straight nailers may struggle to get right into that corner but will typically give you more nail size options, often being able to fire nails from a shorter starting point (EG 16m to 64mm).

Although Brad nailers fire a heavier gauge nail than pin nailers, the hole they leave behind on the workpiece is still relatively small and easy to fill over for a great finish.

Brad nails most commonly have a gauge of around 16-18

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