Positive Placement Nailers

This is where we start to move into the world of very specific professional application nailers. A positive placement nailer is never going to be found in the DIY tool kit. It is a specialist tool designed to do a small range of tasks very well and very quickly.

The clue is in the name "Positive Placement" Put another way, you can be confident that the nail is going to be fired exactly where you indent it to fire. Doesn't sound too important unless you are trying to fix joist hangers, sole brackets, connector plates, truss clips, restraint straps or Z-Clips for example, which is where the positive placement nailer is an absolute must. For these types of applications, a positive placement nailer is safer, faster and much more efficient than using a conventional framing nailer.

This tool most commonly fires a 35mm Full head nail specific to the task.

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