Pin Guns

Pin nailers are generally smaller, lighter-weight nailers. Sometimes known as "Headless Pinners", "Pin Guns", or "23 Gauge Nailers".
As the name would suggest, they fire "Pins" rather than "Nails".
Pins tend to be headless and of a tiny gauge (diameter), which is not ideal for applications where holding power is needed.

Pin nailers are mainly used for fine finishing applications such as furniture making, attaching decorative mouldings, assembling picture frames or fastening delicate materials, veneers or trim to pieces of furniture. Often pin nails are used in conjunction with adhesives to hold mouldings in place while they set.

Very little evidence is left behind on the workpiece due to the lack of a head and the tiny diameter of the pin. This makes it very easy to fill over the pinhole and achieve an excellent finish.
Common pin sizes range from around 10mm to 50mm and are most commonly around 23 gauge.

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