Milwaukee Fuel

Milwaukee Fuel

Milwaukee Fuel is Milwaukee’s brushless performance-driven Power Tool range. Utilising redlink technology and powerstate motors the range boasts increased efficiency and longer life cycles. The Milwaukee Fuel range offers more than 150 tools including M12 and M18 tools. There is a Fuel version of most tools making the range a great addition for anyone looking to upgrade their Milwaukee kit. Here at ITS, we stock most of the Milwaukee Fuel range and are always on the lookout to increase our catalogue.

What is Milwaukee Fuel?

Milwaukee power tools can be split into 3 different sections. FUEL, Brushless, and standard tools. For a Milwaukee product to qualify as ‘FUEL,’ it needs to combine all three core technology innovations.

What is Milwaukee Powerstate?

Milwaukee POWERSTATE brushless motor aims to give you three benefits:




Milwaukee’s Powerstate brushless motors are specifically designed for each M18 tool to deliver optimal performance. Having a motor built for a specific job means that the tool can run at full efficiency. This allows Milwaukee to claim that their motors offer up to 4x the amount of power as competitors. It also means that less energy is wasted whilst using the tool which in turn gives you that extra run time.

What is Milwaukee Redlink Plus?

Milwaukee’s game-changing REDLINK PLUS™ is a computer chip that lives within the tool. It allows the tool to communicate with the batteries and chargers. Doing this allows the tool to access overload protection preventing the tool from damage caused by overloading and overheating.
Red l which in turn means that it offers overload protection and prevents damage to the tool and/or the battery caused by overloading or overheating. Redlink plus also allows you to adjust and control the power generated by the battery and use just the right amount of juice for the job at hand.

What is Milwaukee Red Lithium Battery pack?

Milwaukee claims that REDLITHIUM™ batteries last longer, think faster, and work harder than all other pro-level batteries. The stats they throw around are:

REDLITHIUM packs provide 5X more run-time, 35% more power, and 2X longer life than standard lithium-ion packs.
If you would like to learn more about Milwaukee Fuel we have an article here explaining it.

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