Work Clothes

Work clothes, also known as workwear, are clothing items that are designed and worn for work in construction. Work clothes can include a wide range of clothing items, such as uniforms, protective clothing, and specialized clothing for specific jobs.

At ITS we stock a wide range of work clothes available for next-day delivery including brands such as:

Why buy work clothes from ITS?

There are several advantages to wearing work clothes on a job site at ITS we only stock workwear from brands that we trust and have proven to provide high-quality reliable clothing.

Work clothes can include specialized clothing and equipment, such as reflective material, hard hats, and steel-toed boots, that are designed to protect workers from on-the-job hazards. For example, construction workers might wear high-visibility clothing and hard hats to protect against falling debris, while workers in a laboratory may wear protective suits to protect against chemical spills or other hazards.

Having served the industry for over 40 years ITS has a keen eye when it comes to picking out the right products to fulfil these requirements.

Work clothes can also be functional and practical, with features such as pockets and loops to hold tools or equipment, and durable materials that can withstand any site. For example, mechanics may wear overalls with reinforced knees and multiple pockets for holding tools.

We have created categories to make it easy to navigate and find specific work clothing to suit your need. At ITS we aim to provide workwear that helps protect workers and provide practical and functional clothing for the job's demands.

What kinds of Work Clothes do we stock?

Work Gloves

At ITS our Work Gloves are expertly picked out to protect your hands from the dangers of hard work. We have a wide range of gloves made from various materials for a plethora of jobs, all available for next-day delivery so you can safely get the job done.

T-shirts & Polo Shirts

Stay comfortable and cool with our stylish range of T-Shirts and polo shirts from ITS.  Ready for immediate dispatch with next day one hour delivery slots available

Coats, Jackets and Bodywarmers

At ITS we sell work jackets for men and women in various sizes and styles such as; Soft Shell Work Jackets, Work Coats for women, Waterproof Work Jackets, Work Jackets for Men, Heated Work Jackets

Hoodies, Fleeces and sweatshirts

Make sure you're warm and comfortable when at work with our extensive range of hoodies, fleeces and sweatshirts.  Available for next day delivery, seven days a week with one hour delivery slots available.

Work Trousers

Work Trousers are durable and flexible, often multi-pocketed trousers that protect your body on site. At ITS we offer the best workwear and work trouser brands with next-day delivery available.


Beanies, baseball caps, hard hat comforters are all available from ITS to ensure you're comfortable, safe and warm when working outside.  Our detailed range of hats from ITS are all available for next day delivery with one hour delivery slots 

Work Shorts

Stay cool whether working inside or outdoors with our huge range of work shorts.  Perfect for during the summer, ready for immediate dispatch for delivery tomorrow with one hour delivery slots available.  Don't be caught short in the summer.

Work Socks

Having comfortable socks on site is more important than a lot of people realise.  Not just to help maintain body temperature, but to ensure you can work comfortably during the day.  Designed to be more durable and longer lasting, our extensive range of work socks from leading brands such as Snickers, Work Force, Dewalt, Caterpillar and more will make sure you're never told to pull your socks up.

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