Work Trousers

Work Trousers are durable and flexible, often multi-pocketed trousers that protect your body on site. At ITS we offer the best workwear and work trouser brands with next-day delivery available.

Also known as construction trousers and workwear trousers you’ll find that they come with more pockets than usual. Some Work Trousers will also come with knee padding built in or will include an inside pocket allowing you to insert your own knee pads. 

What types of Work Trousers do we stock?

Whether you’re looking for women's Work Trousers, Slim fitting Work Trousers or a pair of Black Work Trousers ITS has you covered. Below is a list of some of our favourites you'll find on this page:

At ITS we stock an array of Work trousers from brands such as:

We also stock different types of trousers depending on what your needs are for example:

  1. Dynamic Work Trousers - These trousers are much more flexible than usual almost feeling like a jogging bottom they're great for those jobs where movement is essential

  2. Stretch Work Trousers - These Work trousers stretch in all the right places making them less likely to tear and rip when bending down to work, great for jobs where you’re moving from one position to another quite often.

  3. Heavy Duty Work Trousers - These are the toughest, they’re not the most flexible but what they lack in movement they make up for in durability and safety.

  4. Hi-Vis Work Trousers - When working on-site in the winter months especially light can be limited, hi-vis trousers will keep you safe and visible in the most busy situations.

  5. Slim Fitting Work Trousers - Slim fit work trousers aren't as loose as standard work trousers meaning less chance of getting caught or hooked or caught onto random protruding items onsite etc.

We Also Stock Many Colours of Work Trousers Such as:

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