At ITS we stock a large range of Wera Tools from Screwdrivers & Screwdriver sets to ranges such as Wera Zyklop, Wera Impaktor, Wera Joker, Wera Kraftform and Wera’s L-key Range. Their extensive range of Hand Tools and Power tool Accessories are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Wera’s Kraftform patented handle design is built with you in mind. Creating one of the best hand tool experiences in the world. Available from ITS with NEXT-DAY day delivery. 

What Makes Wera Tools Special?

Wera are “Tool Rebels” who dare to do different! When it comes to hand tools, Wera are innovating in ways that no other German tool company does. Specialising in accessories and hand tools, Wera’s expertise shines when looking at the smaller details.

How a tool fits in your hand, how a tool is balanced along its axis, how a tool feels when you twist it, these are all the aspects that Wera tools excel. Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG aka Wera Tools, have been changing the way people think about hand tool ergonomics since 1936 and have won numerous awards for their designs.

Wera tool's ethos is one set with progress in mind, the rock’n' rolling tool company believes that tools have not yet reached their full potential and are constantly in search of new interesting ideas to push forward the industry. In order to make using tools simple, safer, and “full of joy” for their users Wera has created multiple ranges of tools.

Wera Joker

How do you optimise the wrench user experience? This is the question that Wera explored when designing the Wera Joker range, with this in mind they set out to create a wrench that “can do everything better” Wera’s Joker wrenches are designed to be the safest wrench experience. To learn more visit our Wera Joker page here

Wera Kraftform

“The shape that adapts to the hand” Wera Kraftform depicts the handle design of Wera Tools. Imagine holding a soft foam ball in your hand and squeezing. When you release your hand an imprint of the exact location of your fingers will form. This is how Wera designed the shape of their handles. The idea to match the natural shape of a clenched hand creating a superior gripping experience. To learn more visit our Wera Kraftform page here

Wera Zyklop

Wera’s ratchet range, Zyklop follows the same principles that you expect from Wera Tools. There's a general trend when it comes to Wera, 1. Find a problem. 2. Find a solution. 3. Fix the problem. Zyklop is no different. Need a faster Ratchet? Zyklop Speed is there to make tasks quick and easy. Need something compact? Zyklop’s Metal ratchets with switch levers are extremely slim and robust, featuring a long lever making rapid changes in direction a breeze. To learn more about Wera Zyklop read here.

Wera Impaktor

For extreme demands, you need extreme tools. Wera wasn’t too happy that disintegrating bits flew around users as higher output tools entered the market. To fix this problem they meticulously analysed destroyed bits, holders and screws in great detail. Impaktor is the result of their testing. One of the strongest bit/bit holder systems on the market. To learn about Wera Impaktor read here.

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