Knipex ErgoStrip

Knipex ErgoStrip

Efficient Cable Stripping Made Easy

At, we're thrilled to introduce the Knipex 16 95 01 SB ErgoStrip® (Right-Handed), a revolutionary tool designed to streamline cable stripping tasks for electricians. With this ergonomic cable sheath and insulation stripping tool, you can now bid farewell to carrying multiple tools for different cable types. The Knipex ErgoStrip offers a universal solution, enabling you to strip various common cables used in modern house installations.

Simplify Your Prep Work

Save time and achieve precise results during your wiring preparations with the Knipex ErgoStrip. This tool allows for longitudinal cuts in the cable, facilitating the stripping of long sections. You can effortlessly strip cables deep within surfaces or flush-mounted boxes, ensuring that only the necessary minimum sheath remains. It excels at stripping individual wires and, crucially, is adept at handling coaxial cables for satellite and cable networks, as well as data cables for home networks (LAN).

Designed for Convenience

The Knipex ErgoStrip features a unique double-shell pistol grip design, incorporating multiple functions to enhance your experience. The tapered ends of the tool enable you to efficiently strip cables even in space-restricted flush-mounted boxes. Inside the tool, you'll find markings that guarantee consistent and accurate stripping of individual wires, as well as the sheath of coaxial cables.

Unmatched Versatility for Left-Handed Electricians

Introducing the Knipex 16 95 02 SB ErgoStrip® (Left-Handed), designed to provide the same exceptional features and performance as its right-handed counterpart. At, we understand the importance of catering to the needs of all professionals, which is why we offer this specialized tool for left-handed electricians.

Seamless Cable Stripping Experience

The Knipex ErgoStrip (Left-Handed) allows you to achieve efficient and precise cable stripping, regardless of your dominant hand. Strip a variety of cable types commonly used in modern house installations with ease, thanks to its universal capabilities. From longitudinal cuts for stripping long sections to handling coaxial cables for satellite and cable networks and data cables for home networks (LAN), this tool has you covered.

Enjoy Enhanced Convenience

Just like its right-handed counterpart, the Knipex ErgoStrip (Left-Handed) features the double-shell pistol grip design. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and integrates multiple functions into the tool, allowing you to perform your tasks efficiently. The tapered ends of the tool enable hassle-free stripping even in tight flush-mounted boxes. Additionally, the internal markings facilitate consistent and accurate stripping of individual wires and coaxial cable sheaths.

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Both the Knipex 16 95 01 SB ErgoStrip® (Right-Handed) and the Knipex 16 95 02 SB ErgoStrip® (Left-Handed) are exceptional cable stripping tools that simplify your work and deliver professional results. Visit today to explore the entire Knipex ErgoStrip series and take advantage of these innovative solutions to optimize your electrical installations.