Milwaukee Recip Saws Milwaukee Recip Saws

Milwaukee Recip Saws

Milwaukee's reciprocating saws are a cut above the rest and at ITS we stock the majority of the range, from Hackzalls to Sawzalls we have you covered. Whether you're a one-handed operator or need heavy-duty muscle, we've got cordless reciprocating saws for every task.

Milwaukee's reciprocating saws thrive on top-notch performance, thanks to the M12™, M18™, and M18™ FUEL REDLITHIUM™ batteries. These batteries outshine the standard rechargeable ones by providing impressive runtimes, all thanks to larger cells and intelligent REDLINK™ battery technology that optimizes power output. This boost in productivity also extends the tool's lifespan

Whether it's the compact M12™ Sub Compact Hackzall™ or the robust M18 FUEL™ Super SAWZALL™, Milwaukee's ergonomic designs prioritise safety by minimizing vibration. With extended blade strokes, you can achieve meticulous cuts even in tight spaces, while integrated LED lighting ensures accuracy and safety.

Need to switch blades on the fly? No problem – MILWAUKEE® FIXTEC™ technology makes it a breeze. And don't stress over durability – these tools are engineered to conquer the most challenging job site hurdles.

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