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Knipex VDE

Induction Hardened VDE Tools from Knipex

The Knipex VDE range from is built to keep you safe when working with electricals. They follow the safety standards set in Germany by Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE), now called the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies.  Each tool needs to be rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe to use on electricity-conducting materials of up to 1000 volts

Versatile Functionality for Electrical Installation

Knipex VDE tools offer a wide range of functions tailored for electrical installation work. These tools are capable of cutting cables, stripping wires, deburring, bending, gripping, and crimping. Primarily, Knipex VDE tools are tested to deliver a peace of mind that ensures you can safely work with electrical conducting materials without fear of injury.

Compact, Secure, Lightweight, and Space-Saving Design

Knipex VDE tools are designed to be compact, lightweight, and space-saving. They easily fit into any tool bag, ensuring portability and convenience for electricians on the go. A number of the Knipex VDE tools include a tether that lets you stay attached to the tool – perfect for working at height.  In case you drop the tool by accident, it stays close to you so you don’t waste time having to retrieve it.

The range of Knipex VDE tools available at incorporates the same high-quality features as well as functionality, making them reliable and indispensable tools for electrical professionals. From induction-hardened precision cutting edges to intelligent closing mechanisms and versatile gripping surfaces, these tools are designed to provide convenience, durability, along with efficiency for electrical installation tasks.

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