Tape Measures

“Measure twice cut once” is the old adage.  Measuring the right length, space, depth and width is essential for so many things, not just for cutting materials.

From making sure the sofa you’re about to buy will fit in the right space, getting the right sized wardrobe, and yes, cutting materials to precisely the right size.

With imperial measurements, metric measurements or both, our extensive collection of tape measures are available in a range of lengths up to 10m for the automatic retractable style or 100m for manual retraction.

All the tape measures have a lock to hold in place, while some have markings on both sides (metric/imperial) for your convenience and are sourced from trusted brand names such as Faithfull, Makita, Milwaukee, OX Tools, Stanley, Tajima, Komelon, Hultafors, Beta and many more.

At ITS, our range of tape measures are all available for next day delivery.