Tape Measures

Whether you're a professional contractor or a skilled DIY enthusiast seeking precise measurements, here at ITS.co.uk we have the ideal tape measure to get the job done. Our range of measures is hand-picked by experts of the trade, so no matter how good the deal you know you're getting a worthy tool!

From brands such as Milwaukee, Stanley, Ox Tools, Stabila and many more or extensively researched products will have you sorted when you need a measurement.

What are tape measures used for?

Tape measures are essential tools used to measure distances, lengths and dimensions correctly. They are commonly used in various industries such as construction, carpentry, engineering, crafting, and home improvement.

How do tape measures work?

Tape measures consist of a long, flexible strip made of metal or fiberglass, marked with precise measurements. They are housed in a compact round-ish casing with a retractable mechanism. By pulling the tape out and locking it at the desired length, users can obtain accurate measurements effortlessly.

What are the different types of tape measures available

At ITS we stock a range of magnetic tape measures, in both metric and imperial readings and vice versa. There are also laser tape measures that use laser technology for precise measurements and pocket-sized tape measures for on-the-go convenience.

Can tape measures measure curved surfaces?

While tape measures excel at measuring straight lines, they are less suitable for measuring curved surfaces due to their rigid nature. For measuring curves, consider using flexible measuring tapes or contour gauges specifically designed for such applications.

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