Dewalt's "Power House Battery Technology"

Dewalt has developed an impressive range of incredibly powerful tools that operate 54V. These power tools not only require impressively high power batteries but also needed a new way for the batteries to control the power output to the tools.

The FLEXVOLT System offers the same, if not more, power than corded power tools.

Instead of being restricted and limited in terms of movement due to cables, you can have the complete freedom of movement that Cordless power tools offer with the same power level and performance.

What is the advantage of a FlexVolt battery?

To put it simply, with a Flevolt Battery, the amount of power available lasts longer thanks to the way the battery has been designed. Even as a side-by-side comparison, you might find that a 2.0Ah Flevolt Battery will last longer than a standard 2.0Ah battery. This is a result of the power cells being used one at a time rather than all in one go.

What's the difference between Flexvolt and XR?

XR has become the standard for Dewalt batteries and tools, particularly for their 12V and 18V ranges. XR simply means eXtened Running. However, for those Flexvolt batteries are aimed at those on the 54V and 18V platform delivering longer times and the power of a corded machine with the flexibility of cordless freedom.

Can I use 18V battery on Flexvolt?

18V Batteries wont work on flexvolt tools as they require a 54v battery to operate.

Can I use Flexvolt in XR tools?

Your Flexvolt Batteries will work in 18v XR tools. They won't work in 12V XR Tools. When using a 54V battery in an 18V tool you will tend to see 3x longer use time. 54V batterys will use an 18V array so if you have a 2ah Flexvolt battery it will act as a 6ah 18v battery. With Flexvolt advantage your tool will use more power than normal and give better performance too.

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