Dewalt FLEXVOLT Vacuums & Dust Extractors

Dewalt FLEXVOLT Vacuums & Dust Extractors

DeWalt XR FLEXVOLT is a range of 54V power tools that offer the ultimate in run time and performance, allowing trade professionals to easily undertake heavy-duty construction without the need for mains power.

54V performance delivers maximum power and superior efficiency and with the extended runtime FLEXVOLT offers, you get a boost to productivity and have minimum downtime.

At ITS, we have found that having a dust extractor is just as important as having a power tool when cutting.
Our range of DeWalt FLEXVOLT Vacuums and Dust Extractors have been expertly chosen so that you know your work area, work shop, job site is free from dust, debris and damp materials after you have finished cutting.

The DeWalt FLEXVOLT dust extractors can be added directly to your tool, including mitre saws, sanders, jigsaws, and even SDS hammer drills so that dust and debris are collected right at the point of cutting.
This ensures that you have a clear view of the drill point / cutting line without hinderance
or mess.

As well as keeping your work area clear, it will also massively reduce the risk of you breathing in potentially harmful dust particles.

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