Wipes & Cleaning

There used to be a well-used phrase that “cleanliness is close to Godliness”. And if the last few years has shown us anything, it is that maintaining a clean working environment is essential to you and your team’s health.

And its not just your work area or work site; changing rooms, shared tools, canteens, cups and plates etc.

At ITS, we have a detailed and effective range of cleaning materials and wipes that are perfect for surfaces, tools, and hands. With the capability of removing seriously stubborn stains such as grease, paint, silicone, PU foam and grime, our range of hand wipes, soap, sanitizer, cleaning solutions, disinfectant spray are ideal for ensuring that everything remains clean and healthy for your team.

Maintaining a clean work area as well as clean tools will cap the spread of germs and infections that will ultimately reduce your work force.

We have worked closely with expert brands such as Swarfega, V-Tuff, Ox Tools and Big Wipes to ensure that your hands, work spaces and work tools maintain a level of cleanliness that becomes detrimental to everyone should it be forgotten.

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