V-TUF: Tougher, Safer, More effective cleaning solutions

At ITS we are always on the lookout for companies whose mission it is to make your job easier. V-Tuf fits that mould.  V-TUF is on a mission to identify the challenges that industry faces and equip them with tougher, safer, and more effective solutions with health being our prime focus. 

Since 1999, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of cleaning technology, addressing vital concerns like harmful dust, working at height, and creating enduring cleaning solutions to make essential cleaning tasks sustainable.  

With so much to offer we have split V-Tuf into the following sections.

V-TUF Vacuum cleaners and dust extractors 

Adequate filtration, a wide array of accessories and great performance Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, what more could you possibly need? V-tuf’s vacuums and dust extractors enable cleaners to complete their tasks quicker, safer, and healthier. 

V-TUF Pressure Washers

V-TUF Industrial Pressure Washers are not only satisfying to watch start to finish they’re good at what they do. Allowing users to complete essential cleaning tasks with increased speed, enhanced safety, and improved enhanced health and safety. 

V-TUF Vacuum cleaner Accessories. 

The wide range of V-TUF Vacuum cleaner Accessories work in conjunction with V-TUF Vacuum cleaners and dust extractors to clean higher, further, and quicker delivering better results and cleaner air. 

V-TUF Dust bags 

V-TUF Dust bags are designed to provide the essential collection and method of safe disposal for the harmful dusts extracted with V-TUF Vacuum cleaners and dust extractors. 

V-TUF Pressure washer Accessories

The wide range of V-TUF Pressure washer Accessories work in conjunction with V-TUF Pressure Washers to maximise the cleaning capabilities with one machine.  

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