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Welcome to your new home of all things Stabila at! Here, you'll find an extensive range of Stabila measuring tools designed to elevate your construction and carpentry projects. We offer one-day delivery with a 1 hour delivery window so if you're in need of a great spirit level shop ITS now. We stock:


The Stabila R-Type series offers robust and reliable levels that ensure accurate measurements. Built to withstand rugged conditions, these levels are perfect for demanding construction sites.

Type 196-2

The Stabila Type 196-2 levels are known for their precision and durability. These levels feature extra-rigid construction and removable shock-absorbing end caps, providing exceptional performance for professionals.

Type 70-2

The Stabila Type 70-2 levels are compact and versatile, ideal for various applications. With a slim design and easy-to-read vials, they offer precise levelling and alignment for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Type 70

The Stabila Type 70 series includes levels that are lightweight and easy to handle. These levels are equipped with reliable vials and offer excellent value for those seeking accuracy and affordability.

Type 83S

The Stabila Type 83S levels are crafted with quality and precision in mind. These professional-grade levels feature a reinforced box profile for enhanced stability and accuracy in demanding conditions.

Type 96-2

The Stabila Type 96-2 levels are renowned for their long-term accuracy and reliability. succeeding the type 96 range they are a direct upgrade, with a rugged aluminium frame and shock-absorbing end caps, they are designed to endure tough job site conditions.

Type 80

The Stabila Type 80 levels are compact and versatile, making them suitable for a variety of measuring tasks. These levels feature a unique design with a single vial, allowing for quick and easy measurements no matter what the job.

Whether you need a rugged level for heavy-duty construction or a compact one for precise measurements, Stabila offers a range of tools to meet your specific requirements. Explore our selection and find the perfect Stabila measuring tool for your next project.

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