Milwaukee Gloves

Milwaukee Gloves

At ITS our Milwaukee Work Gloves are expertly picked out to protect your hands from the dangers of hard work. We have a wide range of gloves made from various materials for a plethora of jobs, all available for next-day delivery so you can safely get the job done.

Milwaukee’s gloves embody the passion they show when designing and manufacturing tools and it shows in their build quality, toughness, and snugness of fit.

At ITS we stock a wide range of Milwaukee Gloves, to protect your hands and keep them warm tanging from the following:


Made from goatskin leather, also known as Moroccan leather, Milwaukee’s gloves will not only protect you on the job but keep your hands nice and toasty. As well as being durable, goatskin is known to retain heat but also allow your hands to breathe.

The natural oil in goatskin, known as lanolin, makes the leather very supple and flexible for ease of movement compared to other types of leather.

Their leather gloves are designed with SMARTSWIPE Technology which allows you to use touch screens without taking the gloves off.

A particular detail we love is the double stitching that not many people mention, ensuring maximum durability in high-stress areas such as the wrist and finger joints. This is a much stronger way to secure leather and adds to the longevity and quality feel of the gloves.

The gloves also have an added layer of leather stitched into the palm increasing the durability further and protecting your hands from shocks and vibrations. Overall these gloves live up to the heavy-duty and high-quality level you’d expect from Milwaukee.


Milwaukee has a few variations of Demolition gloves, each made with different situations in mind.

These Demolition gloves are reinforced with Armortex (a ballistics material) to provide extra hand protection. Armortex is a fabric, that includes kevlar thread. This increases the strength of the material and resistance overall.

Armotex also works great in wet and oily situations increasing your grip when working jobs such as auto mechanics,

The gloves also employ Smartswipe technology with a handy tab on the index finger. Smartswipe is part of the glove (usually the fingertip) designed with material to allow you to use touch screens.

These gloves are designed to take a beating in heavy use cases all whilst keeping your fingers and especially your knuckles protected from harm.


These gloves are designed to provide ultimate dexterity when handling small object because let’s be honest, you can’t pick up those small screws in a pair of bulky gloves!

The gloves are breathable and light-weight ensuring an overall comfortable fit even when worn all day. Moisture-wicking lining takes any sweat away from your skin, helping to keep your hands dry no matter how hard the job.

Built to be as sturdy as you’d expect from Milwaukee, these gloves are perfect for those nitty gritty jobs on site.


Milwaukee’s hybrid leather gloves are 50% goatskin leather, 50% synthetic and 100% Glove. The back of the hand is synthetic leather which allows more flexibility.

The tough goatskin leather is on the palm providing added grip and durability where it matters most.

It holds up to task well and the stitching between the synthetic leather and goatskin leather is top notch. Small details like this really increase the longevity of a product

On the subject of stitching, the keystone thumb stitching allows a large range of movement. Simply put by stitching in a triangular shape around the thumb you can add extra material, enabling full range of motion rather than the limited motion you may experience with leather gloves.


Made from nylon knitted fabric with a synthetic leather palm, Milwaukee’s Free-flex gloves are a eat all round gloves for your everyday tasks.

They are lightweight breathable and comfortable to boot. Although they aren’t your heheavy-dutyheavy protection, gloves they still fulfil the EN 420 and EN 388 safety standards.

The free flex gloves feature Milwaukee’s Smartswipe technology in the knuckle, palm and fingertips meaning you wowon'tave to take your gloves off to access your phone or tablet.

Finally, the glove has a reinforced thumb seam allowing full thumb movement.


There’s nothing worse than picking something up in the cold and feeling like your fingers are going to fall off.

Keeping your hands safe from the cold isn’t just about keeping warm in the winter there are jobs that require you to handle cold equipment all year round. that’s where Thermal work gloves come into play.

Milwaukee’s winter gloves are cucut-resistantitrite gloves with an elasticated wrist to ensure a comfortable fit.

And if you are cold this winter, we also stock heated workwear from Milwaukee and let me tell you, once you get a heated jacket normal jackets just don’t feel the same.


You’d expect cut resistance from your Milwaukee gloves when working with anything sharp. Thankfully Milwaukee has a range of Nitrite gloves varying in levels of strength for cut resistance.

Depending on your job or the job at hand there is a level of protection that you’ll require and that also includes protection from elements.

Milwaukee’s Nitrite gloves all include a reinforced palm which increases the grip and protection of the glove. They also comply with European Standards for cuts, levels of which depend on the level of cut resistance purchased.

Again with most of Milwaukee’s gloves, their Nitrite gloves use Smartswipe, this time it is included in the palm and fingers allowing you to use touch screens without removing your gloves.

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