Milwaukee Radios

Milwaukee Radios


If you're invested in M18 or M12 a Milwaukee Radio is the perfect addition to a kit. Milwaukee has a vast array of portable Radios and Bluetooth speakers that'll help you blast some tunes whilst finishing that house renovation! Most Milwaukee Radios and speakers come with an AC/DC Plug so that you can plug in without wasting your battery if you have access to a power outlet. If not you can always plug in your M18 or M12 Batteries and listen away.

When you use a Milwaukee radio, you are in complete control of the mood and atmosphere on site, in the office or space, as most, if not all, of their speakers, have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can listen to any music/podcast streaming service from the comfort of your own phone/tablet.

Can’t find the right thing to listen to? Then the Radio is the way to go, with your choice of AM/FM frequencies as well DAB/DAB+ options giving you over 200 UK and international stations to listen to.

You'll also be happy to know that some models come with USB slots allowing you to charge your USB devices using the power of your Milwaukee Radio. This works whilst using a battery and whilst being plugged in



12V – They say all good things come in smaller packages, and this is equally true with the M12 Milwaukee radio range. The M12 Milwaukee Radios are crafted meticulously, using every bit of energy efficiently and are optimised to create an amazing listening experience, using a smaller battery with a compact form factor.

18V – Utilizing Milwaukee’s most popular battery range, a selection of Milwaukee's Radios run on 18V This results in having a longer output, meaning that you get to listen to your favourite tunes for a lot longer without interruption. 

Mains via power lead - Most of the Milwaukee Radios we stock come with a power input that can be used to listen to music as long as there is running electricity. 



We stock a range of Milwaukee Radios, You can see them all below



A Milwaukee Radio whether 12v or 18v is a great addition to any worker's kit. No matter what job you are doing having music/podcasts to listen to can make the day easier and less of a grind



Does Milwaukee radio have Bluetooth

The following Milwaukee radios utilise Bluetooth;

  • Milwaukee M18 PRCDAB+
  • Milwaukee M12 RC DAB+
  • Milwaukee M18 RC0

Milwaukee also has the following Bluetooth speakers;

  • Milwaukee M12-18JSSP
  • Milwaukee M12 JSSP

Is the Milwaukee radio DAB?

The Following Milwaukee radios are DAB+

  • Milwaukee M18 PRC DAB+
  • Milwaukee M12 RC DAB+
  • Milwaukee M18 JSR DAB+

Is Milwaukee coming out with a new radio?

We currently have no information on new Milwaukee Radio releases

Is the Milwaukee radio waterproof?

Milwaukee Radios and Speakers are generally splash resistant and dust resistant. The IP rating for each radio varies for example the PACKOUT radio is IP57 Rated which implies "Protected from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 meter in-depth" Although I would advise against testing this!

Does the Milwaukee radio run off battery?

Milwaukee Radios run off of either M18 or M12 batteries. you can also use mains if you need to, most of Milwaukee's Radios come with an AC/DC plug.

How long does the Milwaukee radio last?

Depending on the size of the battery Milwaukee Radios will last different times a 5ah battery will give up to 12 hours of listening depending on the model. Having used the Packout radio in our studio and around the office I've noticed that I charge the battery every 2-3 days and will listen to the radio 2-6 hours a day.


Check out our Milwaukee Radio range below

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