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Milwaukee ONE-KEY

Milwaukee One-key is Milwaukee’s Inventory Management/Tool Control/Tracking App. The app works with Milwaukee One-key tools, allowing you to see where your tools are, organise them and assign them to different people/jobs, and track their whereabouts on your phone/computer. 

Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY technology is currently available in M18 and a small amount of M12 tools. Although in the future they will be expanding one-key across more tools. Here at ITS we stock the majority of the Milwaukee ONE-KEY range and are always on the lookout to increase our catalogue.

Milwaukee ONE-KEY's 4 Main Features

With so many features to explore we have prepared a small summary of what Milwaukee ONE-KEY offers you. If you would like to learn more you can read out Milwaukee ONE-KEY article here

What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY Tool Security?

Milwaukee ONE-KEY offers a locking functionality which you can use to lock your tools stopping them from being used without your permission.

In the unfortunate event that your tools are stolen locking the tool ensures that the tool cant be used, this theoretically means that thieves are less likely to steal ONE-KEY tools due to them being useless when stolen.

What is ONE-KEY Tool Tracking?

ONE-KEY tools have built-in tracking allowing you to monitor the location of your tools at all times. The ONE-KEY app keeps a record of when your tool was last in range of a mobile device. There are numerous situations where this is useful you can even use your phone to locate a misplaced tool.

What is ONE-KEY Inventory Management?

Each ONE-KEY tool can be assigned to a specific site, person, or vehicle. The inventory management portal lets you keep track of your information. Purchase information, tools status, and performance are all included.

What is ONE-KEY Tool Control?

Using one key technology you can wirelessly sync your drills and impact drivers to program custom speed and torque settings directly into the tool’s memory. This allows you to get consistent performance and helps to reduce damage to materials and all your power tool accessories.

For all non ONE-KEY tools you can use the Milwaukee Tick to transfer the benefits of ONE-KEY just attach the Milwaukee TICK and away you go


For a more in-depth look into Milwaukee One Key check out our article here.

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