Makita 18V LXT

Makita 18V LXT

Makita have been making power tools for over a century and so they know exactly what professionals need. This is why their 18V LXT tools are designed to withstand the toughest job sites.

Why Choose Makita 18v LXT

Makita are one of the biggest household names when it comes to Power Tools. On any jobsite, you can look around, and there’s a high chance that you’ll see some teal.

With 300+ products running on the LXT system, you’re bound to get your hands on the exact tools that you need.

Makita have given users a variety of options across their 18V platform to suit their specific needs, and to make sure that they’re getting the most out of their tools.

You’ll also find the LXT 36V (Twin 18V) tools. These are tools that take 2 18V batteries to give you maximum performance in high-demand applications.

Who is Makita 18v LXT Suitable for

Makita’s 18v range will suit most budgets. There are perfect kits for all levels. And there is so much more to offer than just your standard combi drill. From Leaf Blowers, to Mitre Saws, and then to one of their most infamous “tool”: The coffee maker makita has 18v tools to suit any needs . 

The 18v LXT batteries themselves contain some very handy technology. With overloading and overheating protection, you can rely on your batteries to operate comfortably without any issues.

They also boast some of the fastest charging times amongst competitors! With a 3Ah reaching full charge in 30 minutes, and a 5Ah can charge in 45 minutes!

Makita are one of the most popular tool brands in the world and their 18V LXT range makes it clear to see why. Their 100+ years of experience in the industry proves that they can be trusted to produce some of the most powerful and most reliable tools.

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