Cordless Lights and Torches

Every tool kit needs some sort of lighting, whether it’s a head torch, tripod lighting, or a standard torch.  Torches are great for keeping on hand for when required, whether it be at home, in a vehicle or as part of a tool kit.

Battery operated and therefore ideal in situations where there is no mains light, such as during a power cut, in an emergency or simply for use outdoors at night, a torch light casts a powerful directive beam where the user needs it which also makes them great for working in hard to see areas. Utilising energy efficient technology, LED torches ensure maximum light and over long lasting use and are available in a variety of types, outputs and size options. 

Head torches are great if you need to keep both hands free and come in a variety of outputs so there is something to suit your needs.

Site lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, so depending on what you need we will have the right light here for you.
At ITS, our expertly chosen torches and lighting are ready for next day delivery, and we stock battery and rechargeable in all the biggest brands such as Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Coast, Bosch and LED Lenser

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