Rubble & Bin Bags

If you’re working in the garden, or on a site, there will inevitably, be some waste that needs to be disposed of.

Using normal household refuse bags tend to be rather thin and will split when presented with excessive weight or sharp objects.

This is where rubble sacks or garden sacks come in. Notably stronger due to a thicker membrane, rubble sacks are ideal for storing dust, brick and stone excess, as well as spoil, cut branches, and more.

Garden Sacks, along with woven rubble sacks, are perfect if you need to move excess leaves, branches, roots to a shredder. Woven bags offer a reusable option that will hold an extraordinary amount of weight without tearing or breaking.

At ITS, we have a detailed range of rubble and waste bags from Faithfull and Silverline available for next day delivery.

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