Garden Shredders

At ITS our Garden shredders are expertly picked to help you clear up garden waste easily and efficiently. Investing in a garden shredder can be a good move. Shredders can significantly reduce the volume of your garden waste resulting in fewer trips to the tip. They can also prepare material for putting on your compost heap giving you rich homemade compost for your garden. Rather than having to toss away awkwardly shaped foliage a shredder compacts waste which can then be used as mulch or compost.

At ITS we stock a range of electric shredders to help you keep your garden looking clean and tidy.

Electric Garden Shredders

An Electric garden shredder is a gardening tool that cuts down on garden maintenance time. Electric shredders work via a rechargeable battery breaking down the excess material in the garden, especially the larger items like twigs and branches. Using an electric shredder has its advantages, for one they are more convenient and easier to use than gas-powered shredders. This means that although they aren’t as powerful as petrol shredders electric shredders are still a viable choice when getting rid of waste.

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