Pressure Washers

As anyone who owns one will tell you, having a powerful high pressure washer is a fantastic addition to their gardening equipment.

A quite recent addition, pressure washers were once only available in the realm of professionals, but now the technology and range is now available for anyone, whether you are cleaning your car at home, to cleaning your deck at a caravan, to cleaning patios and pavements.

No doubt, you’ve seen the videos online of people deep cleaning their driveways, well those exact same portable pressure washers and pressure sprayers are available from ITS for next day delivery.

Our detailed range of both corded and cordless pressure washers from leading brands such as Dewalt, Karcher, Stanley, Makita, Worx, Einhell and Draper have been chosen by our expert team to ensure they deliver the results you need.

With a range of pressures, flow rates, attachments, powerful motors, all our stocked jet washers can be easily stored and will not disappoint.

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