One of the most powerful tools in any landscapers arsenal is a chainsaw. Not just landscapers, but tree surgeons, grounds staff, and home owners too.

Whether it removing thick branches from a tree, clearing away excess brush and bush stems, felling, pruning and more, this portable machine is designed to navigate different applications, sharp cuts are made using a set of teeth attached to the rotating chain which provides the power to tackle tough tasks such as sawing large logs with ease.

Garden chainsaws can be packed with a variety of benefits to make light work of any job, including safety chain brakes, brushless motors, automatic chain lubrication and ergonomic designs for even weight distribution.

Available in a range of engine sizes and bar lengths to suit the diameter of wood to be cut, a variety of power types are offered to meet the needs of the job location. 

Whether it’s powered by mains, petrol or 18V, 20V, 36V,40V,54Vbattery, our extensive range of chainsaws and long reach pole chainsaws are from expert brands such as Makita, Mountfield, Stihl, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Einhell, Worx and more.