Garden Hand Tools

Sometimes, using big, powerful and unyielding tools may be a bit overkill when it comes to working in your garden or on a job.

On numerous occasions, a smaller, lighter touch is what is needed to bring your garden space up to a level that you are happy with, and that you can enjoy.

At ITS, we have an enormous range of garden hand tools that will let you prune, cut, cultivate and maintain your garden regardless of size.

From loppers, brooms, rakes, hoes, secateurs, shears, shovels, forks, trowels to saws, axes, dibbers, weed pullers, tongs, fence post augers, cultivators, bulb planters and pruning saws, at ITS, our extensive range will ensure that not only you get the best from your garden, but it is a place that you can relax in and be proud.

Our expert team have worked closely with leading brands such as Faithfull, Fiskars, Radius, Silverline, Stanley, Draper, Bahco, Sealey and many more to make sure that you have a choice of premium garden hand tools to complete the job.

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