Festool Angle Grinders

Festool Angle Grinders

Festool power tools need to fulfil three criteria for them to be ‘typically Festool’: Robust, Powerful and Efficient. It is this mantra that has made Festool equipment trusted by tradespeople around the world.

With their extensive range of angle grinders, Festool deliver a level of reliability and durability that makes it the perfect tool to solve all your cutting needs.

Suitable to work with 125mm blades, Festool cordless 18V angle grinders are lightweight, easy to use, incredibly reliable and versatile perfect for your cutting requirements.

Ideal for cutting metal, stone, ceramics, Festool angle grinders are ideal for smoothing, grinding, removing rust, along with roughing and deburring hard materials.

Festool Angle Grinders are often found in many construction tradespeople’s tool bags, and its not hard to see why.