Festool Routing

Festool Routing

Festool power tools need to fulfil three criteria for them to be ‘typically Festool’: Robust, Powerful and Efficient. It is this mantra that has made Festool equipment trusted by tradespeople around the world.

A router (not the WiFi kind) is a machine with a flat base that routs (hollows out) an area in a material. Often used in woodworking and cabinet making, these can either be handheld of fixed to a guide or table.

At ITS, our expertly chosen range of Festool 110V or 240V routers are all equipped with variable speed which allows them to work with a variety of materials.

Today's powered wood routers can offer variable speed control, quiet motors, and precise routing. For delicate and detailed decorative woodwork, edging, as well as precise cutting of other materials like plastic or metal. Choose a parallel fence for accuracy or without a fence for more intricate details.

Some woodworkers consider the router one of the most versatile power tools.

But don’t forget your router bits...

Router bits come in a large variety of designs to create either decorative effects or joinery aids. Generally, they are classified as either high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide-tipped, however some recent innovations such as solid carbide bits provide even more variety for specialized tasks.

Aside from the materials they are made of, bits can be classified as edge bits or non-edge bits, and whether the bit is designed to be anti-kickback. Edge bits have a small wheel bearing to act as a fence against the work in making edge mouldings. These bearings can be changed by using commercially available bearing kits. Changing the bearing, in effect, changes the diameter of the cutting edge. This is especially important with rabbeting/rebating bits.

AT ITS, we are able to provide for your all your router needs and these really will give you work a creative edge.

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