DeWalt Impact Drivers

DeWalt Impact Drivers

When it comes to Impact Drivers, DeWalt truly stands out as a brand that dedicates itself to honing and perfecting its craft. DeWalt keeps a slim range of impact drivers simply because the impact drivers they offer are just that good. This makes looking for the best DeWalt impact driver easier.

DeWalt stock over 300+ power tools in their ever expanding catalogue, ranging from 12V XR to 18V XR tools, and more recently their 54V Flexvolt range! 

If you would like to learn more about DeWalt's impact drivers we go into detail in this article


The important points to consider when it comes to ranking an impact driver are:

Max Torque (Nm): Torque is the force that causes an object to rotate. In the case of impact drivers, the higher it is, the more powerful, and therefore the tougher material and larger screws you can fasten.

RPM/Load Speed: As you add a “load” (screw etc), you will start to see your RPM (Revolutions per minute / speed) lower. No Load speed measures the absolute maximum speed of the tool.

Brushless Motor: Is the impact brushed or brushless? Brushless motored tools are more efficient and have fewer moving parts.

Impact Rate: This determines the number of times the hammer action strikes the bit in a minute. The higher the impact rate, the faster you’ll be able to drive screws.

Machine Screw Size: This will determine what size of Machine screws you can use with the impact driver.

Bolt Size: Bolts vary from M1.4 to as high as M36. The range of bolt size will determine what impact driver you need depending on your usage. The higher the range, the greater flexibility.

Product Weight: How heavy is the tool? Holding a tool all day can cause muscle strain so the lower the better.


Use this table to compare the differences between the different types of DeWalt impact drivers.

ModelTorqueNo Load Speed (RPM)Brushless?Impact Rate (IPM)Machine ScrewBolt SizeWeightSpeed Setting
DCF801 165Nm 2850 Yes 0-3600 M4 – M10 M4 – M10 0.8kg No
DCF887 205Nm 3250 Yes 0-3800 M5 – M12 M4 – M12 0.94kg Yes
DCF850 >208Nm 3250 Yes 0-3800 M5 – M14 M5 – M16 0.9Kg 3 speed
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