Bosch Multi Tool Blades & Accessories

Bosch Multi Tool Blades & Accessories

Bosch Multi-Tools are the true all-rounder of the worksite and at home. Whether you need to complete sawing, grinding, polishing, sanding or refurbishing jobs, multi-tools or multi-cutters can be used to work with a huge range of materials such as wood, plasterboard, metal, tile group, laminate, caulk, tile adhesive and insulation materials.

All the Bosch Multi-cutters have a Starlock accessory mount meaning that there is a vast number of Bosch accessories suitable their range of MultiTools.

As well as blades suitable for wood, metal, plasterboard, there are also accessories for sanding, tile cutting, laminate, along with cleaning fleeces, depth stops, and much more.

A recent development for the advancement of drill bits is the Bosch Expert Range which can deliver up to 100x better performance levels and last longer for a range of applications. The Expert Range reduces the time it takes to cut through your material, includes Carbide technology along with enhanced durability and robustness to offer exceptional results and performance levels.