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Our experts work closely with suppliers to ensure we have the best work boot selection in the UK ready to give you all the protection you need while on site and that you look smart while you’re at it. With our specially crafted product pages, you’ll be able to see exactly what safety rating each pair of boots has so that you can make an informed decision on your purchases

What Styles of Safety boots do we stock?

Tan Work Boots, Brown Work Boots, Black Work Boots, Grey Work Boots. We also Stock Waterproof site work boots for those rainy days on the job

Making sure you get the right Safety Boot Rating for your site

Safety work boot ratings by ITS

  • EN - Standard code for safety footwear across Europe.
  • ISO - This stands for International Organisation for Standardization. This means all products must meet their minimum standards.
  • 20345 - This is the footwear legislation number.
  • 2011 - Footwear standards were updated in 2011 and became much stricter. All footwear must have toe protection with at least 200 Joule impact protection as standard.

If you’d like to learn more check out our resource going into detail on all safety ratings

Safety Ratings explained

When you purchase new safety boots there will be a list of letters on the box, label or website listing, representing the level of protection offered.

each site has its own rules, if its your site, its your rules, but if its not, make sure you know what is required of your boots.

Here is what each letter means -

SB - Safety Basic Toe Protection

Safety basic only has a protective toecap against a 200 Joule impact. They should only be used in environments where there is no risk underfoot. Sometimes the SB rating will have other letters which offer additional protection such as P which means it offers midsole protection.

S1 - Antistatic, Oil Resistant & Energy Absorption

As well as the basic protection, S1 offers antistatic protection and is resistant to fuel oil and has energy absorption in the heel. As above they will sometimes have a P but S1P styles should only be used for indoor environments where they are not exposed to rainwater.

S2 - Prevents Water Penetration

Offers the same protection as S1 with the added benefit of preventing water absorption and protection to the upper.

S3 - Midsole Penetration Resistance

S3 styles are the industry standard and offer the same protection as S2 plus midsole penetration resistance.

S4 - Leak-proof

All of the features as S1, but is made from a rubber upper or entirely moulded polymer, such as a Wellington boot. This means they’re waterproof and leak-proof.

S5 - Leak-proof with Midsole Penetration Resistance

As above and also feature midsole protection from sharp objects.

Standards for Non-slip Footwear


this is the rating for work boots that should be worn where there is a low chance of slipping

This is tested on ceramic tiles that have been covered in a diluted soap solution.


if a product passes the SRA test, it can be tested for an SRB rating. Once it has achieved both, it becomes SRC.

Tested on steel with a glycerol covering.


As above, SRC-rated work boots have been tested for both the above conditions and will give the best chance of preventing a slip, fall or trip.

Passes both the above tests.

More common abbreviations:-

P - Penetration resistance.

C - Conductive.

I - Electricity insulating.

E - Energy absorption.

A - Anti-static.

HI - Heat insulation.

CI - Protection against the cold.

M - Metatarsal protection.

AN - Ankle protection.

WR - Water resistance.

CR - Cut Resistant

FO - Fuel oil-resistant outsole.

WRU - Water penetration and water absorption upper.

HRO - Outside resistance to hot contact.

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