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ToughBuilt StackTech

Organise your tools efficiently with ToughBuilt’s StackTech. ToughBuilt’s range of stackable tool boxes, drawers, coolboxes and bags. Not only does StackTech contain the essentials but they go above and beyond, pushing the industry forward with their innovative designs and easy to use features.

One of the cleanest case stacking mechanisms on the market

StackTech’s intuitive stacking is a market first. The tool cases are inherently self aligning and “nesting” , making them easy to slide into place. Not only this but storage and accessories in the range feature an autolocking interface. When the case “nests” into place the auto locking mechanism automatically activates and locks your storage into place. The lock features and easy to read lock indicator so that you can see at a glance if your cases are secure or not.

Personalise your storage with clip on accessories

Toughbuilt have really taken a deep dive into the needs of the trades, their cases feature “connection points” which can be used to clip on and attach multiple accessories such as tool holders, trays, cables and more. It even allows you to connect your cliptech storage too. There are numerous accessories that can be attached to your StackTech and toughbuilt seem to be designing and releasing more as time goes on.

StackTech Clips


ToughBuilt StackTech’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Built for professionals, ToughBuilt goes the extra mile by offering a limited lifetime warranty with their StackTech toolboxes and cases. All ToughBuilt products are protected by a 25 Year LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE to the original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship. You can learn more about their warranty here

StackTech’s IP65 Rated Cases and Tool Boxes

StackTech cases are not only waterproof to an IP65 rating, but also have incredible features to ensure your tools stay saff in unfortunately accidents. They feature and durable silicone gasket, which is built to seal out water and dust.

An added feature is their recessed drainage, and dual ported spillways. The drainage acts as a moat, channeling water into small ducts which then lead outside of your toolbox forcing water away from the insides and out of the back of the case. It’s pretty much a small built in drain pipe!

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