SDS Drills

At ITS, our experts work closely with leading brands to ensure you get not only the best possible price for your new tools, but a premium level of tool that will last for many years to come.

The SDS bit was developed by Hilti and Bosch in 1975 and means ‘Special Direct System" (however, it was originally German and meant Stecken Drehen Sichern / "Insert Twist Secure"). It is a cylindrical shank with indentations to be held by the chuck. A tool is inserted into the chuck by pressing in, and is locked in place until a separate lock release is used.

The rotary force is supplied through wedges that fit into two open grooves. The hammer action actually moves the bit up and down within the chuck since the bit is free to move a short distance. Two sprung balls fit into closed grooves, allowing movement whilst retaining the bit. SDS relies on a tool having the same shank diameter as the chuck.

SDS-Plus / SDS+ Bits have a 10mm shank with two open grooves and is inserted 40mm in to the chuck.

SDS+ Drills offer an intensely powerful machine for heavy duty work whereby fast and effective drilling is required. As well as being able to work with wood like a combi drill, SDS+ / SDS-Plus drills also allow you to cut through masonry and concrete with force.

These drills deliver a better hammer drilling performance thanks to the internal design and often have a ‘rotation-stop’ control so that the operator can use the drill for chiselling as well as offering a high torque transmission and for the most recent models, Brushless motor technology.

At ITS, our extensive range of SDS+ drills are chosen from industry leading brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Draper, Makita, Milwaukee, Hikoki, Panasonic, Metabo and Worx to name but a few, along with the option of cordless freedom with either various voltage battery options, or the consistency of corded with 110V or 240V options.

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