Combi Drills


Combi drills are the jack-of-all-trades in the power tool world and are perfect for a many different applications. It’s safe to say that standard drill drivers are one of the most popular power tools out there, drilling holes and driving screws across the world without impunity. The addition of a hammer mode to this ever popular formula creates the combi (combination) drill so along with general purpose drilling and driving, you are given the added bonus of being able to drill into concrete and masonry. Hammer modes give a much more heavy-duty angle to these tools. The hammering action offers regular short sharp thrusts helping you to break through tougher materials quickly and with less effort. Speed-wise, combi drills come with different speeds with lower speeds giving higher torque in tougher situations and higher speeds perfect for drilling into metal or wood.

As we’ve covered, combi drills are a great all-rounder – pretty great for drilling, driving and hammer drilling but if you’re looking to get more specialised kit for driving, an Impact Driver is worth a look and for when you’re working with masonry an SDS Hammer might be more up your street.


This is one decision that’s easy to make as they are exactly the same thing. People refer to them as both but rest assured that if you buy a combi drill, you’re also buying a hammer drill driver (and visa versa!).


As with all cordless power tools, the greatest advantage to owning one is the elimination of bothersome and sometimes dangerous cords around the site/workshop. Getting rid of cords also gives you greater freedom with accessing smaller spaces too, increasing the variety of applications that you can do. Drills were the first in the power tool family to make the move over to cordless, what with its intrinsic need to be able to work with building materials in their proper place. This means that you could be working in awkward areas that can prove difficult with corded tools.

Many tradesmen have been faithful to corded power tools due to the understandable worry that goes with a finite amount of power. But battery technology has developed to the point where cordless tools can give the same sort of power and performance as their corded counterparts so if you haven’t made the switch, it may well is worth looking into.

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