Cordless Tool Kits

SELECT A CORDLESS TOOL KIT TO SUIT YOU Things have changed a lot over the years with the types and styles of tools in the various trades out there.

Owning a family of different power tools from a specific manufacturer has become the norm and as such, tool producers now have ever increasing ranges that cover lots and lots of different applications and trades.

The leaders in the tool market are undoubtedly Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee who have an extremely large range of tools (corded and cordless), accessories, clothing and the like but other manufacturers such as Bosch, Panasonic and Milwaukee aren’t far behind.

Buying a kit of tools from the same manufacturer means you get a carefully selected group of power tools (and maybe accessories) that are sure to prove a great asset to your kit, as well as saving you a few pounds in the process.

Seeing as ranges from the manufacturers are expanding all the time, it can be confusing getting the right batteries, chargers, cases/bags and accessories that are a perfect fit for the tools you’ve got. With a complete kit, this is all taken care of – no need to worry about your drill driver or circular saw not fitting in the case or accessories not being compatible with your multitool.

ITS’s range of cordless power tool kits are carefully created to make sure that everything goes with everything. If you’re a tradesman that has been in the business for a while, it wouldn’t be surprising if you held a lot of different corded power tools. No doubt that you’ll want to keep up with other lads on site who have cordless tools so investing in a cordless kit is well worth thinking about.

We have a large selection from all the brands that you would’ve been using over the years and no doubt, there’s a kit for you that would carry cordless equivalents of your tools at a reasonable price. The obvious benefit of working cordlessly is the freedom that you get from not being tied to a mains power source. You can work anywhere you like without have to worry about power cables being everywhere – meaning you are free to get into smaller spaces and awkward angles.

Cordless technology has evolved enormously in the past few years with batteries and motors becoming more efficient and powerful to equal and sometimes surpass the capabilities of corded tools. With Lithium-ion batteries becoming normality, the days of worrying about longevity and power when using cordless tools are largely at an end and with manufacturers now producing 5.0ah batteries and tools, runtime is increased even further.

In addition to this, brushless motors have been created to produce less friction, less heat and therefore save you battery power for longer runtimes.

If you’re unsure as to what kind of cordless power tool kit is right for you, the tool experts here at ITS are here to help. We are always sure to have 99% of items in stock and with free next day delivery with nearly all of our kits, we’ll make sure that we’ll get your tools to you when, and where, you want them!

Whether as a gift, or the start of a new system, our cordless power tool kits not only signify a huge saving, but it will also give you the tools you need to crack on with the job.

At ITS, our expert team have worked closely with leading tool suppliers to bring you an extensive range of power tool twin packs, triple power tool packs, and more.

It could be a combi drill and impact driver; SDS-Drill and drill driver; multi-tool and combi drill, or a kits that contains a drill, jigsaw, circular saw, impact driver along with two or three batteries, charger and case. There are plenty to choose from.

Our expert team have worked closely with trusted brand-leaders such as Makita, Milwaukee, Festool, Dewalt, Hikoki, JCB, Metabo, and many more to provide you with the best and extensive choice of cordless power tool kits which are available for next day delivery.

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