Makita Tool Boxes & Organisers

Makita Tool Boxes & Organisers

Makita is one of, if not the largest manufacturer of power tools in the world while they are continually praised for their performance and quality. Today, Makita personifies reliability, durability and incredible power. They strive for innovation in products to fulfil the needs of professional tradespeople around the world.

It might sound silly, even maddening, but there are many tradespeople out there who do not have adequate storage for their tools, the respective accessories, as well as other bits. We’ve seen them walking on to the train, bus or tube going to the job, with their power tools in a supermarket shopping bag (yes, we know every little helps, but still...).

While it might be practical in the immediate short term, you will always need a good storage solution for your Bosch tools to ensure they’re safe and protected from damage whilst in transport.

Makita offer an extensive range of storage options for both your tools and the respective accessories you will need for the jobAs park of the Makita MAKPAC range, there are a number of inserts available that will let you organize screws, driver bits, fixings....anything really, so that you can located them easily and crack on with the job.

As part of that range, there are also a number of models that contain up to 12 drawers for further organization of additional accessories for the likes of drill bits, saw blades, dust bags, and so much more.

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