Makita Dust Extractors & Vacuums

Makita Dust Extractors & Vacuums

Makita is one of, if not the largest manufacturer of power tools in the world while they are continually praised for their performance and quality. Today, Makita personifies reliability, durability and incredible power. They strive for innovation in products to fulfil the needs of professional tradespeople around the world.

Ensuring that your work area, work shop, garage or office is clear from dust and debris isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but as essential as wearing the correct PPE when using tools.

Once you’ve done all the work in your area, using one of the Makita Vacuum cleaners or Makita Dust Extractors will ensure that dust and debris are cleared away. The power of these vacuums will also ensure that any harmful particles within the dust are removed too.

With a range of suction modes, as well as a memory setting to suit your needs, these low-sound machines also include brushless motor technology ensuring longer running times, and smarter, efficient operation. The sealed container at the top of the vacuums mean that you don’t need to worry about having to search for additional vacuum cleaning bags, just suck away.

The Makita Dust Extractors offer the removal of dust and debris from the workface at the point of drilling, sawing or cutting. With many that have the ability to be started automatically via Bluetooth connectivity, these extractors can ensure your will clearly see the workpiece without hinderance. These can be connected or attached directly to your power tool.

Some of dust extractors offer either H, M, or L filtration control to further guarantee a cleaner work environment.

  • L-Class Filter: L Class ≤ (less than or equal to) 1.0% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) > 1 mg/m³ for soft woods and solid surface material such as Corian.
  • M-Class Filter: M Class < (Less than) 0.1% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) ≥ 0.1 mg/m³ for hard woods, board materials, concrete and brick dust.
  • H-Class Filter: H Class < 0.005% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) < 0.1 mg/m³highly carcinogenic dusts, asbestos, formaldehyde, mould, germs and bacteria.



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