Makita Impact Drivers Makita Impact Drivers

Makita Impact Drivers

When it comes to Impact Drivers, Makita are world renown. Makita produce hundreds of power tools from their lightweight 12v CXT tools to their powerhouse 40v XGT range.

As experts in the trades and having served the industry for over 40 years you can trust to give you the best advice!

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The important metrics when it comes to ranking an impact driver are:

Max Torque (Nm): Torque is the force that causes an object to rotate. In the case of impact drivers the higher it is the

Load Speed: As you add a “load” (screw etc) you will start to see your RPM lower. No Load speed measures the absolute maximum speed of the tool.

Brushless: Is the impact Brushed or Brushless? Brushless tools are more efficient and have fewer moving parts

Impact Rate: This determines the number of times the hammer strikes the hammer in a minute. The higher the range the faster you’ll be able to drive screws.

Machine Screw Size: This will determine what size of Machine screws you can use with the impact driver.

Bolt Size: Bolts vary from M1.4 – as high as M36 the range of bolt size will determine what impact you need depending on your use case. The higher the range the better.

Product Weight: How heavy is the tool? Holding a tool all day can cause muscle strain so the lower the better.


It can be confusing when first looking at the name of a Makita’s (or any brand’s) model number, especially when starting out. Here’s a quick guide on how to identify the model you’re looking at and what it all means.

DTD – This is the type of tool, in this example, DTD signifies – 18v Impact Driver

152 – This is the body type, the “152 Version”

Z – This is how the tool comes, Z means body only

So all together we get an 18v Impact driver 152 body only

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