Makita Branded Merchandise
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Makita Branded Merchandise

Makita is one of, if not the largest manufacturer of power tools in the world while they are continually praised for their performance and quality. Today, Makita personifies reliability, durability and incredible power. They strive for innovation in products to fulfil the needs of professional tradespeople around the world.

You know the name, you trust the brand. It’s very name when mentioned will always emote mental images of power tools.

So its only right that you want to enjoy more of that brand. At ITS, we have a select range of Makita Branded Merchandise that will further display your affiliation and affection to one of the largest and trusted tool brands in the world.

From the Makita Travel Mug to a lunch bag in the shape of a 18V 5.0Ah Battery, there is bound to be something that you really want.

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