Makita 40V XGT

Makita 40V XGT

Makita 40V XGT is Makita's new range of tools using 40V batteries rather than the 12v CXT or 18v LXT batteries. Makita's new generation of tools, 40V XQT is a high-output battery technology. The upgraded batteries are built to handle the hardest and most demanding jobs namely jobs that you'd usually turn to a corded tool for.

Makita is serious when it comes to their 40v tools, creating a whole new range can be risky but their XGT batteries are designed to be durable and last for as long as you need. No literally when we went to Makita's training they said an average 40V battery would last as long as you needed it to. This holds true when using the batteries for a day of work, and run times vary per tool, but you should always keep a charger handy. 

The casing of Makita's 40V batter also sees an upgrade with each battery being housed in a dust-resistant, shock resistant and water-resistant case to protect the battery from the elements

What tools utilise Makita 40V XGT?

There are currently 100+ 40V MAX tools, and Makita plans to release many more. So you’ll still be able to cover all of your needs exclusively with XGT.

There are even the likes of 40V MAX Radios and Torches! It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but many people are hoping for the introduction of an XGT coffee maker down the line. On this system, you are already getting unrivalled power. But Makita just won’t stop there. Because you can also get tools that operate off 2x 40V MAX batteries. This is known as Makita 80V max.

Will My 18v Batteries work with Makita 40V XGT?

Unfortunately, this is a totally separate system to Makita’s 18V LXT platform. So they aren’t compatible with 18V tools, however, Makita have used their massive experience in the Power Tool industry to produce a vast and powerful platform to bring even the most demanding of tools to cordless.

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