Knipex Cobra Knipex Cobra

Knipex Cobra

The Knipex Cobra Range from features some of the world's most efficient water pump pliers from one of the markets leading hand tool manufacturers! At ITS you've come to expect great quality tools that you can trust from us, and the Knipex Cobra range is no exception.

Effortless Handling of Pipes, Nuts, and More

Its spring-loaded hinge bolt keeps the pliers locked in place, preventing any mistakes during adjustments. With its "25-fold fine adjustment feature", Knipex Cobra Pliers can easily be adjusted to different sizes. This adjustment feature also makes using the tool feel much better in hand, something that can be appreciated, especially on long monotonous jobs.

Secure Clamping x Maximum Efficiency

The Knipex Cobra boasts an innovative jaw geometry developed by Knipex, allowing it to firmly grip components without requiring constant pressure on the plier's handles. This feature minimises energy loss, allowing users to focus their strength on desired movements. Whether you need to turn round components, tighten bolted connections, or release fastenings, the Cobra ensures a secure hold and optimal efficiency.

Choose Knipex Cobra for Unparalleled Performance

Experience the exceptional performance of the Knipex Cobra water pump pliers, now available at ITS. These pliers offer compactness without compromising on functionality, making them an essential tool for professionals. Trust in the Knipex brand's renowned quality and enjoy effortless gripping and precise adjustments in your daily tasks.


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