Dry Lining Tools

Drywall or plasterboard is a quick way of adding walls, ceilings or partitions to rooms. The unique properties of drywalls allow them to be easily cut to shape before being plastered or painted.

To cut, hold and prepare drywall, there is a unique range of drywall or dry lining tools that are available from ITS for next day delivery. We work with many UK manufacturers of tools for dry lining to bring you the best prices on the biggest brands. We stock a comprehensive selection of dry lining tools especially for the dry liner.

With an extensive range of dry lining tools from Drywall Supports, Rasps, Jointing knives, Jabsaw’s Taping Knives, to Corner Trowels, Sanders, Mesh Taper Guns, Drywall Scarifier’s and Drywall Carrier’s, we are almost certain that we have the right tool for you and your job.

We have worked closely with expert and trusted brands such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Marshalltown, OX Tools, Stanbley, Ragni, Draper, Bessey and more to provide you with an extensive range and choice to items to complete your job.

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