Surforms & Blades

In the past, surforms have been referred to as cheese graters. The simple reason for this lies in the design of this hand tool as the blade of any surform features perforated sheet metal.

Another way to look at it, is that it is a cross between a rasp and a plane.

Compared to a conventional rasp or sandpaper, the advantages of a surform rasp include a faster cutting action, no clogging of the tool with material being removed, and little or no dust.

In woodworking, surforms are used for rapidly removing wood from curved surfaces. Even though surforms leave very coarse finishes, the worked areas can be easily smoothed with finer tools, such as files and sanding blocks.

At ITS, our selection of surforms have been chosen by our expert team who work closely with trusted manufacturers such as Stanley, OX Tools, and Marshalltown to ensure that your chosen surform or surform replacement blades will keep you going.

Surforms & Blades