Rivets are a permanent mechanical clasp that secures surfaces such as metal sheeting together. Its shape and design create a secure and long lasting fixing. Used on a lot of engineering projects for its strong and long lasting effects and capable of supporting heavy loads such as metal panelling and flooring.

At ITS, our stock of manual riveters are designed to apply pop rivets to a workpiece. Unlike powered riveters that hammer the rivet in place, a pop rivet gun will form a rivet in place. The gun is fed over the rivet's mandrel (a shaft protruding from the rivet head) and the rivet tail is inserted into the work.

When the gun is actuated (typically by squeezing the handle), a ball on the rivet's tail is drawn towards the head, compressing a metal sleeve between the ball and the head. This forms another "head" on the opposing side to the workpiece, drawing the work together and holding it securely in place.

The mandrel has a weak point that breaks, or "pops" when the riveting process is complete. This style of rivet does not require the use of a bucking bar, because the force applied is away from the work.

We have stock of compact rivet guns, long-arm riveters, contractor riveters from trusted and established brands such as Sealey, Spear & Jackson, Drapers, OX Tools and Silverline, all available for next day delivery - it really is quite riveting!

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